How To Clean Your Bong

How to Clean Your Bong

Materials Needed:

Alcohol Iso (90% + Preferred)

Saran Wrap



Clean your Bong following these simple steps:

  1. Rinse Piece Out thoroughly with Water and empty
  2. Fill piece up to percs with alcohol.
  3. Pour a couple of tablespoons of Salt into your Piece.
  4. Saran Wrap and Rubberband openings.
  5. Shake Vigorously
  6. Let sit for at least 24 hours to break up any hard gunk clogs(You can skip this if you’ve shaken vigorously and all gunk is removed.)
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you’re satisfied with the cleanliness of your piece.
  8. Rinse thoroughly
  9. Allow at least 1 hour for alcohol to evaporate.

I see lots of posts asking how to clean a piece, or if a particular piece is difficult to clean.

Every piece should have the same level of difficulty cleaning.  The exception would be a straight tube, because you’re able to fit a large bristle brush within it to aid your cleaning.  For pieces without such a feature, you’ll be relying on the power of alcohol to weaken the gunk, and salt to rub against the gunk and remove any gunk build up.

The largest factor in keeping your piece clean is how often you clean it.  Also, changing the water regularly can significantly help in this regard.

To give your piece a thorough cleaning you’ll want to start by rinsing it with water.  Continue this process until there is no more debris coming out of your piece.  You can plug the holes with your hands on your piece and shake water inside of it to remove as much debris as possible.

After you’ve done this, fill alcohol up to the perc holes.  This will ensure that when you sit the piece to rest, alcohol will be working on your perc cleaning the gunk to ensure proper function of your piece.

You’ll next want to add a couple of Tablespoons of Salt.  The salt acts as an abrasive to rub the gunk off the inside of your piece.  When you shake your piece, the salt will rub up against any gunk, and aid to remove it.

Now that we’ve got our cleaning agents in our piece, we need to saran wrap the openings, and then rubberband them to hold them tight.  Once you’ve got your openings secured tightly, you can shake vigorously.  Shake as hard as you can to dislodge any gunk.  If any gunk remains, let the piece sit, and repeat the process.  You may need to let the piece sit for a couple of days based on how often you clean your piece and how dirty it is.  Continue to let the piece sit and shake until you’re satisfied.

Once you’re satisfied, then remove the saran wrap and rubberbands, and rinse the piece thoroughly with water.  There should be no hint of the smell of alcohol.  After, further let the piece sit and dry to let the alcohol evaporate.

Your piece should now be sparkling clean!  If it’s not, I’ll be adding articles on cleaning solutions to use for those tough gunk stains.  Check back often for everything glass, vaporizer, and accessory related.


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