First Week Review – Dynavap VapCap Vaporizer (Omni)

First Week Review – Dynavap VapCap Vaporizer
The Dynavap VapCap Vaporizer is a truly amazing tiny powerhouse device. This small vaporizer is butane powered. It is an ultra portable that delivers a large punch.

I ordered the VapCap Omni with Blackwood Vong body.
When I first opened this thing, I couldn’t believe how tiny it was. It’s definitely 1 hitter size. It just looks absurd. The loading chamber is the same way. It’s so tiny I wasn’t sure if I’d really get great hits. Not to mention, I’m using it on the largest bowl size! You can definitely go smaller, and if you have great bud and need to microdose, this will effectively do the job.

This vaporizer works by heating the cap until it clicks, and then inhaling. Simple! You use any heat source, but I used the tron torch sold on the dynavap website. It looks cool, I can say that.
My first thought on this was that this was a decent vaporizer. My first hits were tiny and flavorful. And then I ran into butane issues! But more on that later, this take a learning curve. Not a large one, but it definitely takes one. Once you understand how close to bring the cap to the flame and get a good spin down for evenly heating the cap, the differences are massive. My next hits white-walled my bubbler easily and were huge. Very satisfying. Addictively so!

Now let’s talk accessories. I got the stash, but sadly, my dynavap doesn’t fit due to the larger wood body. The loading stash is convenient, however since my wood body doesn’t fit, I really don’t think I ever got to experience it fully. The magnet is invaluable though and I use it as a stand/cooldown. I learned my lesson not using the magnet when I burned my desk, so it does come in handy.
The downsides:
You do need two hands to operate to heat it up,
You do need to be able to hear the click. Heating past the click can cause combustion, so obviously stop heating once you hear the click!
Results aren’t always consistent – It depends on where you heat with your flame, so you’ll need to develop a good technique of heating your cap to get the types of hits you want. I learned pretty quickly
Spinning while heating does require some nimbleness with your fingers. If that is hard for you to do this may not be for you.
Draw restriction. I have trouble pulling through my dynavap compared to some other vaporizers I own. I personally only use mine through glass, which makes it far easier for me to pull for some reason.  I do have asthma though so my ability to pull hard may be less than yours.  There are no draw restriction issues when used through glass.
You need to keep spare Butane! And high quality. My home depot butane ruined my lighter quite quickly. Just get high quality butane!

The extraction and flavor however are great. My buds were constantly deep brown once I got my technique down and I loved every hit and never got bad taste. The fact that it could whitewall my bubbler the way it did with that small amount of bud was truly impressive.

Although I got the Omnivap, I recommend anyone interested in this to get the M simply due to the fact that the price point is just so hard to beat. I got the Omnivap just to see the top of the line offering, but the M is such a bargain deal it’s hard to recommend anything else. The Vong body is what I used since I’m a glass user almost exclusively and its ability to dock natively into a 14mm bong/bubbler is critical for me. I highly recommend it as it works very well and makes using your glass pieces a breeze.

One note to touch on before we conclude is how this breaks down and cleans. The Vapcap is engineered intelligently to have as few parts as possible with a very easy no tools breakdown. This a huge concern for any vaporizer as a vaporizer that isn’t clean will not work effectively. The fact that the VapCap is easy to breakdown will ensure it is kept clean and operating at peak efficiency.

The Dynavap is an amazingly tiny impressive none electrical vaporizer. If you’re in the market for a vaporizer that operates by butane, you will not be disappointed. As a premium vaporizer user, I have no budget when purchasing any vaporizers. My pure concern is quality. This is definitely a quality product from the production to the staff behind the Vapcap and I can recommend this to anyone interested in this with full confidence.

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