Cake Bubbler with Matrix Perc – Review


  • Cake Shape
  • Matrix Percolator
  • Sidecar Mouthpiece


  • Compact Design
  • Matrix Perc gives a smooth hit
  • Little splash back
  • Stable Base
  • Good Flavor


  • Thin Glass
  • Poor Packaging Quality



The Cake Mini bong is a great piece for anyone looking to add a low-cost flavor rig to their collection.

Full Review:

Cake!  It’s a novelty style bong!  Don’t write it off yet though, this thing rips smooth flavorful hits and its compact size will make it easy to take with you on the go.


Shipping 7/10

Getting this piece was easy enough.  Kathy0577 is a seller on DHGate and this was my first experience with her.  The shipping was fast relatively with my piece arriving in 12 days.  The packaging was not that great.  However, at least I found my package set off to the side as it was obviously that nothing should be set on top of it.  I did get a chipped glass bowl though.


Quality 6/10

This thing feels LIGHT!  If you’ve felt quality glass, and then hold this, you know this is a cheap knockoff.  It’s extremely light.  Ok, we’ve got that out the way!

This piece features a matrix perc.  It’s one of the most popular percs out among enthusiasts today.  This perc has a lot of slits to create a smooth hit with a very little drag resistance when pulling on the piece.  This matrix perc features less slits than the real deal, but it doesn’t impede function.



The function of the matrix perc in action works great.  There is no splash back and it is easy to being a pull on and also to clear this piece.  This works just as expected.  Despite not being a perfect replica, the matrix design still functions well in this instance and the fewer slits in the matrix perc do not diffuse your hit as much as a real matrix perc.  This is definitely better for tastier hits.


Value 6/10

For ~$20, you can’t say it’s expensive.  It may be too cheap though.  Spending a couple of dollars more can get you a better built cake design with the trade off of it being smaller.  This is in line with the other sellers though for this slightly larger design.  I like using this piece due to how light it is.  It’s easy to hold in one hand while utilizing the minivap, one of the largest portable vaporizers on the market.


Full Summary

Overall Rating: 6/10

I actually like using this piece.  But the market in China is competitive and prices have steadily dropped at the best of the Chinese shops.  StevenLMZ offers thicker glass for slightly more money compared to a much larger premium he charged before.  StevenLMZ currently offers the best cake style bong and overall.  If you’re looking for the absolute cheapest price and don’t mind the thinner glass, grab this piece from any of the Chinese sellers selling a mini cake style bong.






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